Chicago’s Rival now offers access to ICE Futures markets

Chicago-based Rival Systems (Rival), a trading software company established in 2015 announced today that it now provides ICE Futures U.S. and ICE Futures Europe products from Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE:ICE) on its Rival Trader platform, giving its users access to the diverse range of futures and options on futures trading on those exchanges.

Said Rival CEO Robert D’Arco:  “We are pleased to offer connectivity to ICE futures markets. We completed development quickly to meet user demand, and clients can enjoy immediate access while taking advantage of the many features of Rival Trader.  The addition of ICE Futures allows our users to incorporate important products into their strategies, from Russell indexes, to crude oil and natural gas, to soft commodities.

“As we continue to grow in the U.S. and begin our expansion into Europe later this year, our goal is to provide professional traders with access to all of the exchanges, advanced features and expert support they need to compete in today’s markets.  Options traders interested in ICE’s markets can leverage the advanced market-making and -taking features of Rival Trader to quote with confidence during volatile markets and automatically trade with orders in the book that have edge.  Algorithmic traders can now leverage the speed of the Rival API and one-on-one support from a member of our development team to capitalize on their trading ideas.  This is a great time for traders to upgrade their technology and take advantage of the volatility in equity and energy markets.”

See more about Rival in the video below:

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