ChartIQ launches trading and charting app Technician

US-based trading technology developer ChartIQ has just announced the launch of a new trading and charting application: Technician.

The solution is based on an HTML5 technology and is already available in version for iOS gadgets and for the web. An app for Android-based devices is expected soon.

ChartIQ explains that Technician is designed for the world of mobile analysis and trading.

Let’s look at some of the key features of the application:

  • Real-Time Charts for Equities, Major Indices, and Forex Pairs

Traders can choose custom periods, down to the minute.Changing-Chart-Types

  • Trading from the chart

Traders can make use of Technician’s technical analysis tools to swiftly identify trading opportunities and submit trade orders.

  • Touch-Optimized Charts

Users of the app can swipe through time, pinch to zoom, and ultimately obtain a clear, unobstructed view of their charts.

  • Cross-Device Compatibility

Technician is built with HTML5, which gives traders full interactive capabilities on their iPhone, iPad, tablet, and web browser. Users of the app can save their charts and watchlists—complete with drawings, indicators, and notes—and access them on any devices.

  • Integration with StockTwits and Yahoo! Finance News

Technician users can get relevant, up-to-the-second news and thoughts from fellow traders. They are also able to join the conversation without ever leaving the chart.

  • Indicators and Studies

Technician includes RSI, Stochastics, moving averages, exponential moving averages, and many others- more than 80 indicators in total.


To view the official announcement on Technician launch, click here.

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