ChartIQ adds Visual Earnings Toolkit to Technician app

ChartIQ has partnered with Estimize to make a Visual Earnings Toolkit available to the users of the Technician app.

There are two main purposes of the toolkit: to better see how share prices have reacted to earnings/revenue releases in the past, and to get a more accurate idea about what the market expects for future quarters.

The earnings package is made up of two components – the Miss/Beat Indicator and the data table.

0e277188-aa6c-40b6-8a1b-738ac0993edbMiss/Beat Indicator is designed to visually highlight when a company has beat, met, or missed market expectations – that of the Wall St. Consensus as well as the Estimize crowd.

Once a trader has spotted the broader trend and how the market treats a particular company’s performance, the Data Table will provide a look into the details, as it contains all the key information for a more detailed analysis.

The purpose of the toolkit is to enable traders to make informed decision during earnings releases.


To find out more about the offering, click here.

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