CashBackForex lauches new website for Asian market

CashBackForex, a leading provider of  FX rebates since 2008, has launched a new website,, aimed at growing market share from the Asian FX market.

Lke its cousin CashBackForex, the new site offers volume rebates at more than 40 brokers, 7 payout methods, instant rebates at select brokers, 5 official support languages and a 24 hour support team available by telephone, live chat, or email.

The company is a true IB as its services go beyond rebates, its often called upon to liaise between clients and brokers and has successfully resolved issues where a client had little luck, in addition to little things like helping to solve trading platform problems or make basic broker decisions

Jason Peterson, Director of CashBackForex stated: “Internet marketing can only take you so far, to successfully market in Asia you must understand the cultural and resulting psychological differences between East and West, and in particular, large successful countries like Japan and China. We understand these nuances well because we work with so many clients, so many brokers, and such an amazing group of staff from all parts of the world. Besides what we do online we will have boots on the ground, representing us in Asia on a personal level.”

You can check out RebateKingFX by clicking here.

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