Bullion Capital announces liquidity deal with Finemetal Asia

Electronic metals exchange Bullion Capital, has announced a new partnership agreement with specialist liquidity provider, Finemetal Asia.

The collaboration with Finemetal Asia is a significant step in Bullion Capital’s rapid global expansion since it launched a pioneering real-time exchange for allocated physical precious metals in 2013.

Finemetal Asia, a Swiss-based precious metals company incorporated in Hong Kong, trades exclusively in the physical precious metals of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Finemetal Asia is an established name in the Asian market and a trusted gateway to the buying and selling of physical precious metals.

Its related company, Swiss based Finemetal AG, as well as Finemetal Asia have special agreements for distribution of precious metals products of renowned gold fabricator Argor Heraeus, and through this partnership, Finemetal Asia will be providing liquidity on the Bullion Capital exchange for a range of physical bullion contracts.

Padraig Seif, Finemetal Asia CEO, commented on the new partnership stating that, “Finemetal Asia is delighted to have established this new collaboration with Bullion Capital and we are excited at the new proposition Bullion Capital brings to the industry.”

Having established ourselves as the specialist liquidity provider of choice in Asia, we look forward to further expansion through this new innovative marketplace, which we anticipate to be a new era for the precious metals industry; one that is more accessible and based on a system that caters to the demands of the Asian market. The time is right for Bullion Capital’s innovative approach” concluded Mr. Seif.

Commenting on the company’s new collaboration with Finemetal Asia, CEO of Bullion Capital, Thomas Coughlin, said, “Bullion Capital has entered the precious metals industry with a mission to modernise the trade of physical precious metal and increase its efficiency through the development of a global electronic marketplace.”

“To help us realize our vision, we’ve sought the alliance and expertise of the precious metals industry’s most esteemed participants,” said Mr Coughlin. “Finemetal Asia is a highly respected company and a valuable addition to our Member base, and we look forward to sharing a long business relationship with them”.

Bullion Capital’s latest partnership with Finemetal Asia comes after a busy few months with more than 50 new agreements signed with institutional clients, liquidity providers and Members. This rush to Bullion Capital is evidence of the vast potential of such an exchange, and reflective of the emerging trend for investors to turn away from the paper markets and seek out opportunities in robust, long-term investments like physical gold.

With Asia’s share of global consumer demand for gold having grown from 47% to 60% in just five years, Bullion Capital’s decision to collaborate with one of the region’s biggest liquidity providers is a significant stepping stone in the company’s global expansion plans.

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