BSE India announces revision of scrips in trade to trade segment


As a part of Surveillance measures and based on the extant SEBI framework, the Exchanges transfer various securities for settlement on a Trade-to-Trade basis.

The criteria for shifting securities to/from for settlement on trade to trade basis is decided in consultation with SEBI and applied uniformly across the stock exchanges and reviewed periodically.

The detailed criteria of shifting scrip to/from Trade-to-Trade are available on BSE India’s website.

The Exchange with a view to take preventive surveillance measure to ensure market safety and safeguard the interest of the investors, has decided to take the following Surveillance actions:

Sr.No.Scrip CodeISIN NUMBERScrip NameMoved to
1526711INE627D01016Adarsh Plant Protect LtdXT
2590088INE129D01039Adinath Bio-Labs LtdXT
3539799INE316L01019Bharat Wire Ropes LtdT
4532219INE306C01019Energy Development Company LtdT
5532081INE216D01026KSS Ltd **T
6523594INE638D01021Kunststoffe Industries LtdXT
7513532INE770A01010Pradeep Metals LtdXT
8532387INE392B01011Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd **T
9500399INE629B01024Steelco Gujarat LtdXT
10532035INE808C01014Unistar Multimedia LtdXT

The securities mentioned above, satisfying all the criteria I, II and III will be included in “T” or “XT” Group and they would be traded and settled on Trade to Trade basis w.e.f. January 05, 2017 and would attract a circuit filter of 5% or lower as applicable.

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BSE India announces revision of scrips in trade to trade segment


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