Boston Technologies reports 2013 Revenues of $20.5 million

Year-on-year growth pace has totaled 38%, revenues went up more than 8 times since 2009

The company behind some of the leading software solutions for institutional and retail FX brokerage companies, Boston Technologies, has released an expanded set of metrics detailing the firm’s 2013 figures. Revenue has grown by 38% from $14.8 million in 2012 to $20.5 million during the course of last year, marking a fifth consecutive year of steady expansion. Since 2009 the company’s revenues have grown more than 8 times.

Boston Technologies Revenue results

A handy infographic released by the company provides some details as to where do Boston Technologies manage to realize these impressive gains over the past year. Most of the company’s clients are based in Europe and Asia with a vast majority of 63% hailing from the European Union. Confirming the interest of Japanese investors in foreign exchange trading, Japan alone has accounted for 15% of the firm’s clients. Growing popularity of FX trading in Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe is bringing another 14%.

As the Chinese financial sector keeps opening to the rest of the world under its government’s efforts the country has contributed with 8% of total clients of Boston Technologies.

Boston Technologies clients

During the course of the year the company has offered to its clients 44 forex pairs, 4 metals and 14 CFDs. A set of emerging markets currencies were added to the portfolio by popular demand after the emerging markets falling knife has started dropping in May 2013. The company has started offering liquidity for the Chinese Yuan, the Mexican Peso and the Turkish Lira as it is preparing to expand further its offering with Russian Ruble crosses to the Euro and the US dollar alongside the Thai Baht.

According to the company’s own data most of trading is done through major G7 currency pairs, however diversification is an important tool in these fast evolving markets and ongoing offering of top tier technology, low latency and solid customer service will help the company to keep growing.

For the full infographic mentioned in this article visit Boston Technologies’ website.

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