Bloomberg Professional subscribers can now post to Twitter

Bloomberg Professional service subscribers can now use Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) to post directly from Bloomberg’s chat service, Instant Bloomberg (IB), executives announced today.

Bloomberg has partnered with Twitter to provide subscribers with a more secure way to enhance their workflow while assisting regulatory compliance requirements. Information on access is available via SOCIAL <GO>.

Since 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other major global regulatory agencies have provided guidance on the use of social media channels for sharing material company news with investors.

The use of these channels by corporate officers, investor relations and financial professionals, however, has been tempered by concerns about access, security, and compliance. Through SOCIAL <GO>, compliance officers can now give individual users permission to post to Twitter while monitoring for risks and archiving communications.

“Bloomberg is helping unlock the value of Twitter for corporate and financial professionals, while meeting the necessary high standards of communications compliance,” says Ted Merz, Global Head of News and Economics Products.

Once approved by their firm, Bloomberg Terminal users can post from IB directly to Tweets through SOCIAL <GO> will also appear on the Bloomberg Terminal’s Twitter newswire, which is frequently one of the top 10 sources read by Bloomberg Professional subscribers.

Bloomberg’s proprietary categorization system will also tag Tweets to appear under relevant news codes, company news pages and bio pages on the Terminal, putting Tweeted content in front of a highly influential audience.

“Tweeting right from the Bloomberg Terminal allows BTIG to increase our visibility within the financial news and information platform used most by our global clientele” said Rich Greenfield, Media and Tech Analyst at BTIG. “Bloomberg’s new tool seamlessly integrates into our existing workflow and is as easy to Tweet from as the Twitter application itself.”

Bloomberg and Twitter partnered previously, in 2013, to bring Twitter data onto the Bloomberg Terminal. This gave Bloomberg Terminal subscribers access to alerts about unusual bursts of social media chatter about a company in their portfolio, including sentiment analysis as an integrated part of their workflow.

Bloomberg makes Twitter data discoverable and actionable so subscribers can react quickly to important news and topics trending on Twitter. Now, through IB subscribers can engage in the Twitter conversation in a more secure and compliant manner.

“CEOs, world leaders, money managers, analysts, and financial journalists all turn to Twitter for breaking news and live commentary. We’re thrilled that Bloomberg subscribers can now Tweet from the Terminal, providing a compliant way for more of these market influencers to actively engage in the conversation on Twitter.” – Chris Moody, VP Data Strategy, Twitter @chrismoodycom

Bloomberg is continuing to build tools to address the needs of subscribers in the social media space.

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