Bloomberg and Twitter sign financial data licensing agreement

Something worth mentioning that we missed last week is Bloomberg announced it has signed a long-term data agreement with Twitter that will further enhance financially relevant information found on the social media platform for users of the Bloomberg Professional service.

“Our customers have told us that Twitter helps them uncover early trends, breaking news, and sentiment shifts, which may be indicative of changing market conditions,” said Ben Macdonald, Global Head of Product at Bloomberg. “By incorporating real-time information from Twitter into our customers’ workflow, Bloomberg makes this data accessible and discoverable so that our clients can react quickly to important news and trends.”

“Twitter, for us, is an irreplaceable tool given the market impact it has along with the valuable information it can convey,” said Dave Greenberger, a trader with Quad Capital. “It is a treasure trove of nuggets to be found if one knows where to search. Bloomberg significantly helps streamline this process and offers a springboard into the rich content that Twitter offers.”

“For more than 30 years, Bloomberg has been an undisputed leader in real-time information delivery,” said Chris Moody, vice president of Twitter data. “Our agreement with Bloomberg highlights the growing importance of Twitter in driving investment and trading decisions. Increased access to this information through the Bloomberg Professional service will continue to accelerate as the adoption of Twitter data through the financial services community grows in importance.”

Twitter's further integration with Bloomberg

Twitter’s further integration with Bloomberg will soon allow the financial community to track tweet volumes and sentiment around stocks, commodities, FX or topics and overlay this information on a moment-by-moment basis against real-time market data.

Bloomberg’s social media offering has continued to grow since the company became the first financial information platform to integrate Tweets in April 2013, the same week the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that companies could use social media posts to disclose material information.

The Bloomberg Professional service incorporates financially-relevant news from Twitter for analysis, charting and sharing via Bloomberg Instant Message and Bloomberg Links for desktop and mobile devices through the following features:

  • A live feed of tweets relevant to financial professionals via TWTR and all news searches via NI and CN;
  • Real-time alerts on the day’s most important tweets curated by Bloomberg’s editorial staff via NI TWEET;
  • Social velocity monitoring to alert customers on spikes in Twitter activity about a company via BSVM, with more tools coming for commodities, foreign exchange, topics and regions;
  • Sentiment analytics for tweets about a company; and,
  • Curation and translation of non-English tweets.

To view the release click here.

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