Blackwell Global confirms no adverse affect from CHF price volatility

In the face of the calamity within the financial markets caused by the removal of the Swiss Franc cap of 1.20 per Euro, Blackwell Global Investments Limited (Blackwell Global), which runs Blackwell Trader, the firm’s online forex brokerage arm, has confirmed that it emerged unscathed from the CHF announcement due to prudent risk measures.

By being unaffected by the sudden announcement, Blackwell Global is able to withstand the negative impact, resuming its operations at full capacity, which collectively raised the confidence of our existing clients. This is largely attributed to Blackwell Trader’s diligent measures in maintaining their bridge server, reducing risk exposure and allowing for high trading volumes to be managed safely, especially during any occurrences of a sudden influx of trading volume, as experienced after the shock announcement made by the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

The forex and CFD brokerage also upholds stringent practices in due diligence, with safe segregation of company and client funds. Under no circumstances, be it in any event of a market shock or company insolvency, will client funds be affected. As such, any request to make withdrawals will be acceded to.

All of Blackwell Global’s entities are operating within the required legal framework of each jurisdiction. Clients can be assured that funds held with them are secure and that trading is safe across all Blackwell.

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