Bitpay releases update to Copay wallet

Bitcoin technology an payment processing company bitpay has just released the latest version of its open source bitcoin wallet Copay, which was initially rolled out about five months ago.

The update (1.2.5) offers a set of convenience and security features.

The latest version of the wallet improves the way Copay handles backups by supporting the industry standard – mnemonics seed backups. Now Copay wallets can be backed up by storing 12 simple words for each user of the wallet. Copay supports generating the mnemonics in multiple languages, and backups can be further protected with a passphrase for advanced usage.

copayIn addition, the company has enhanced Copay’s compatibility with other wallets. Personal Wallets (1-of-1) are now seed compatible with all BIP44 wallets. Copay Version 1.2.5 also includes an integration with Ledger’s Hardware Wallet.

The new version also includes a number of features improvements, bug fixes, performance optimizations.

It is available in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Russian, and Turkish.

To view the latest announcement from bitpay, click here.

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