BitPay partners with Bloq over enterprise support for Bitcore

Bitcoin technology and payment processing company BitPay has announced a new partnership with blockchain technology provider Bloq.

Bloq will be offering enterprise-grade implementation and 24/7 support for companies using the full node and development platform to establish Bitcoin and blockchain-based services.

Through this collaboration, Bloq will be offering Bitcore in its BloqEnterprise product offering. Companies using Bitcore with BloqEnterprise will get all of the functionality of Bitcoin and a full Bitcoin node, as well as native utilities and intuitive Node.js libraries for extending that functionality. Services using Bitcore can make direct function calls to the bitcoin blockchain or create new blockchain-based services.

The lineup of Bitcore applications includes the Bitcore Wallet Service (BWS), which allows bitcoin wallets to query the Bitcoin blockchain at speeds up to 20 times faster than json-RPC API calls. As the backend for BitPay’s Copay wallet as well as BitPay’s own Copay operations wallets, BWS has already been tested through millions of transactions.

You can view the full announcement from BitPay by clicking here.

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