Bitcoin slam dunk – NBA’s Sacramento Kings engage with BitPay to accept Bitcoin payments

More Bitcoin mainstreaming – Americans can pay their taxes to the IRS with Bitcoin via snapCard


Sports and technology go hand in hand – that has been the motto of the new owner of NBA team Sacramento Kings. The latest manifestation of his commitment to revolutionize the professional sports industry and polish the image of one of the oldest teams in NBA is to start accepting Bitcoin through BitPay.

In a press release issued by the company it reminds us of the philosophy that Kings’ majority owner Vivek Ranadivé has coined when he acquired the team last year – “NBA 3.0”. The Indian businessman has been widely credited for digitizing Wall Street back in the 80’s through his company Teknekron Software Systems. So why not participate in yet another revolution?

The digital currency community can start ordering products on the Kings Team Store through a simple checkout process. Starting from the beginning of March fans will be able to purchase tickets and merchandise online.

Mr Ranadivé has reiterated his commitment to provide the fans of the game with a new set of experiences and considers this to be one of the important parts of transforming it through technology utilization. A process that another two months old startup named snapCard is about to offer to US fans of paying their taxes. Smart retirement advisers found the way to rollover 401k or traditional IRAs to Bitcoin IRA.

The Silicon Valley company is reported to have managed to stay on top of the process that every US taxpayer has to get acquainted with on a regular basis. According to a report by the Bitcoin Magazine the firm will soon offer the possibility to pay your taxes using digital currency. snapCard claims that it will be offering the opportunity to pay for pretty much any bill in a similar way that a conventional bank works.

Speaking of the Government, the United States Marshals Service will dispose of its 29,655 Bitcoins that it has seized from Silk Road back in September following an FBI raid against the website. At the time prices fell to just above $100 and now the government’s “stake” in Silk Road is worth more than $26 million! Uncle Sam is in for a great deal, don’t you think?

For the full press release visit BitPay’s website.

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