Bitcoin Group still works on ASX listing application process

Australian Bitcoin miner Bitcoin Group, which in January closed its ASX Bookbuild, is obviously lagging behind its public listing schedule.

According to the timing of the company’s IPO on ASX in the Second Replacement Prospectus filed in December last year, the trading of Bitcoin Group’s shares on ASX on a normal settlement basis was scheduled to commence today – February 2, 2016. The company today released an announcement on its website, saying that:

The quotation of the shares on the ASX has not yet occurred. BCG is currently working with ASX on the listing application process.

Further details will be announced when known.

Upon the closure of its ASX Bookbuild on January 25, 2016, Bitcoin Group said it achieved the final bookbuild price of AUD 0.20 per share. The total number of new shares to be allocated from subscription through the ASX Bookbuild facility is 1,839,511. According to that filing with the ASX, the new proposed public listing date is February 8, 2016.

You can view the latest media release from Bitcoin Group regarding its IPO by clicking here.

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