Binary Options Scam Watch – MSC warns against

The fraud prevention month in Canada just ended but investment scams continue to get new victims, with the latest example provided from Manitoba, where an elderly widow invested all of her savings in an unauthorized binary options firm.

The unlicensed entity in question is and the woman invested by wiring money to a bank account in the name of Option Ventures in Moldova to be settled at a bank in Romania. She understood it was a scam when the adviser told her that he was being fired by because he could not get any more money out of her.

The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) warns investors that and Option Ventures are not registered to sell securities in Manitoba and that their actions are not in compliance with provincial securities laws.

Len Terlinski, Investigator with the Commission, says that there are currently no binary option firms registered to do business in Manitoba.

You can view the full text of the warning against by clicking here.

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