Binary options broker anyoption enhances KYC with GBG ID3global identity verification technology

Regulated binary option broker anyoption has announced that it has entered into an agreement with GBG, a global leader in identity data intelligence. The agreement provides KYC automation, following the new regulations coming out from ESMA as part of MiFID and being implemented by various national EU regulators such as CySEC, which licenses anyoption’s parent company Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd.

anyoption will be deploying GBG’s ID3global identity verification technology into the anyoption platform.

As anyoption’s user growth continues at a rapid pace, the solution ultimately allows the company to automate and streamline the KYC process. This equates to a shorter onboarding process, helping to improve service to the end user.

anyoption is also considering implementation of further GBG products and services to address fraud and risk, and to build enhanced customer and location intelligence. The GBG solutions will further strengthen anyoption’s role as a leader in the binary options community by underscoring the importance of taking steps to improve safety and customer experience.

Shy Datika, anyoption CEO

anyoption founder and CEO Mr. Shy Datika said:

Our company aspires to excel in every aspect of the business, acknowledging that compliance with the laws is the beating heart of a contemporary investment firm.

Mr. Datika went on to explain that this new collaboration will help anyoption to continue its grow in European and non-European markets, and to diversify its set of investment products, saying:

anyoption’s plan is to become more than just the leader of the binary options industry, positioning itself as a boutique investment bank which offers unique investment products, including but not limited to binary options, that outweigh other options available in today’s diverse marketplace.

GBG enables innovative organizations, like anyoption, to transact globally with confidence. By adding this fully scalable solution to the anyoption platform, the company believes it will be able to further streamline its process, ultimately making anyoption not only a leader in the industry, but one of the safest brokers to work with.

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