Bernstein goes live with Pairs Trading Application on the Bloomberg App Portal

Bernstein, the research and execution services arm of AB (AllianceBernstein), announced today that Bloomberg Professional service subscribers using Bloomberg’s Execution Management System(EMSX) can now access its equity pair trading application via the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS PAIR<GO>}.

The Bernstein Pairs App provides a flexible and customized pairs trading module for use across regular and merger arbitrage strategies embedded within a Bloomberg Launchpad monitor, so a trader’s workflow is not disrupted.

Toby Bayliss, Bernstein Head of Electronic Trading, Europe said, “We are delighted to provide the Pairs application via the Bloomberg App Portal.  Entering pair trading strategies directly into an algorithm can be complex and carry a high level of risk.  The Pairs App helps to remove the uncertainty of selecting the wrong parameters, a concern that historically led many traders to rely on manually routing pair strategies.  The Bloomberg App Portal functionality provides the freedom to present our Pairs trading offering without the usual design constraints imposed when integrating an offering into a third-party execution management system.”


Bernstein’s Pairs App is available on the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS PAIR}

Bernstein’s Pairs App can chart multiple pair spreads highlighting when they would become active based on the algorithmic trading style selected.  Orders entered in the application can be routed to the Bernstein Pairs trading algorithms with the confidence in knowing when the algorithm will be active in the market.

Don Carey, Bloomberg’s Global Head of Research, Sales and Trading said, “Bloomberg continues to develop solutions that support our clients’ trading needs. In parallel, we recognize brokers have their own bespoke solutions that they want to deliver through EMSX. Their applications complement existing tools that Bloomberg already offers and enable us to deliver more value to our combined customer base.”

“Since its launch in 2012, the Bloomberg App Portal has matured to the point where today more than 80 apps built by clients and software developers now harness the power of Bloomberg’s network and the depth of our community. Bernstein Pairs is a prime example of an app that both extends the capabilities of Bloomberg’s own execution tools and also enables Bernstein to offer its customers sophisticated trading functionality without disrupting their workflow,” said Vipul Nagrath, Chief Information Officer for Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions business.

The Bloomberg App Portal gives Bloomberg subscribers instantaneous access to a diverse library of financial tools that can help them accomplish specific tasks, such as find block liquidity, value and price securities, visualize and analyze data or leverage new charting techniques. Contributed by Bloomberg, its clients and software developers from around the world, applications are reviewed and selected for the Bloomberg App Portal based on a variety of parameters, chief among them the ability for the application to add value to Bloomberg’s existing feature set and information resources. Applications are licensed and operated from within the Bloomberg Professional service environment – without disrupting or interrupting workflow.

For more information about the Bernstein’s Pairs App and to get set-up for access, click here.

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