Belgium’s FSMA updates “Black List” of unauthorized binary options, FX brokers

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has earlier today updated its lists of unauthorized binary options and Forex firms, unlawfully targeting Belgian investors.

The latest additions include:

  • Banque Investissement;
  • CapitalCourtage, Eich Invest Ltd, 10 Spheres Media Ltd and First Consulting SCS;
  • CEDIE;
  • E Trade Securities (cloned firm);
  • FXSEP, SEP Global, Hedge Funds Liège 2015 and Fonds d’investissement Liège 2015;
  • G.M. Marketing Group Limited, Tradesolid and G.M. Software Solutions Limited;
  • GCI Financial LLC and GCI;
  • Lau Global Services Corporation, MXTrade and Taris Financial Corp.
  • NG-Bank, Arian Financial, Alborg Trading Inc. and Kalahouse Limited;
  • Option500, Option Solution Group Limited and Option Solution Online Limited;
  • Service Qualité des Plateformes Boursières (SQPB);
  • Stock Binary (cloned firm) and STB;
  • Swiss Investment (cloned firm), Global Capital Ltd, T.T.F. and SwissPartners AG;
  • Trading Technologies Ltd and Consorfx;
  • Zulutoys Ltd, RBOptions and RB Secured Processing Ltd.

Some of the above-mentioned companies have already attracted the attention of regulators. For instance, MXTrade has received warnings in Cyprus and Italy. The Cypriot regulator has also warned against Option500.

Belgium’s FSMA notes that the aforementioned companies are not authorized investment firms or credit institutions in Belgium. They are, hence, not allowed to provide banking and/or investment services in or from Belgium. Moreover, these companies have not published a prospectus approved by the FSMA, as is required before any public offering of investment instruments may be made within the territory of Belgium.

The regulator also notes that its “Black Lists” are not exhaustive and the fact that a company is not mentioned there does not automatically mean that it is an authorized entity.

You can view the full announcement from Belgium’s FSMA by clicking here.

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