Bats executes 23.8% of all ETF volume in July, ADV of $26.2 billion for Hotspot

Financial exchanges operator Bats Global Markets Inc (BATS:BATS) has reported July data and highlights, including strong market share across all of its markets for the month.

Highlights for July include:

  • Remaining the #1 U.S. market operator for ETF trading, executing 23.8% of all volume during the month, and winning 28% of all U.S. ETF listings so far this year;
  • Welcoming three new issuers to the Bats ETF Marketplace – Legg Mason, ARK Investment Management, and Cambria – bringing the total number of issuers to 15 listing a total of 98 ETFs;
  • Receiving SEC approval of its filing to adopt generic listings standards for actively managed ETFs;
  • Maintaining market leadership in single-leg equity options trades with 17.0% market share;

bats july 2016

  • Maintaining its position as the second-largest U.S. Equities market operator with 20.4% market share;
  • Unveiling the Community Policing Program for its U.S. Equities and Options exchanges;
  • Retaining its position as the largest European stock exchange with 23.1% market share and the largest trade reporting facility with €345.9 billion reported to BXTR for the month;
  • Recording average daily volume of $26.2 billion for Hotspot, the company’s institutional spot foreign exchange market;
  • Recording more than $104 billion of notional value per day touched by the Bats markets in July, including trades reported to BXTR.

bats2 july 2016
U.S. EQUITIES: Bats Exchanges (BYX, BZX, EDGA, EDGX) Volume & Market Share

  •  During July, the BZX Exchange ranked 1st or 2nd in quality of trading in 50% of the stocks in the S&P 500® Index, as measured by effective spread, according to the Bats market quality statistics.
  • Combined, the Bats Exchanges had the lowest effective spread in 59% of the top 100 exchange-traded products in July.

To see the full July report, click here.

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