Australia’s ASIC launches First Derivatives MAI system to monitor trading

The first of four pillars for a more effective market surveillance system is now operational

Starting today ASIC has launched its new MAI (Market Analysis Intelligence) system which enables it to better monitor, investigate and take regulatory actions against trading breaches. According to Commissioner Cathie Armour the MAI is designed to thoroughly analyze real time trading data and spit out information about suspicious activity by using algorithmic trading technology.

It is adding an important tool in ASIC’s function to prevent insider trading schemes and ability to expose market misconduct. The new system will permit ASIC to go through very large sets of data and monitor closely market activity and keeping the regulator up-to-date with the latest technological developments according to Greg Yanco, Senior Executive Leader of Market and Participant Supervision.

The system is part of a broader plan by the Government to give ASIC a more functional set of means to monitor a market relying ever more on increasingly sophisticated trading technologies and techniques. Back in May 2012 the state committed $43.7 million in a broad effort to give the regulator the upper hand against an increasingly complex market practices such as high frequency trading and algorithmic trading.

The new system is developed by First Derivatives based on its Delta Stream+ Market Surveillance solution.

The other three pillars of the plan are advanced analytic and investigative capabilities, a new portal that is aimed at boosting collaboration between authorities and the market participants and a new workflow system that increases efficiency at ASIC to shorten the time span between receiving an alert, identifying the problem and taking enforcing action.

For the full press release visit ASIC’s website.

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