Australian CFD broker FP Markets connects to LMAX liquidity

Australian broker FP Markets beefs up FX execution with LMAX

In an effort to boost its FX offering to clients FP Markets (FPM) out of Australia has partnered with LMAX Exchange. Matthew Murphie, Managing Director of FP Markets commented in the press release: “We are thrilled to have teamed up with LMAX Exchange as their values of fairness and transparency match our own. This relationship has enabled us to offer one of the most competitive forex trading platforms available in today’s market.”

Founded in 2005, FP Markets already does a brisk CFD business and is one of the most recommended Direct Market Access CFD providers in Australia. Now, adding LMAX to their forex offering signals to their client base they are serious about providing a professional environment in which to trade.

FP Markets states on their website: All CFDs orders issued to our clients are immediately backed by corresponding hedge contracts in the underlying market. This model aligns our interests with our clients. It also significantly reduces your counterparty risk with FP Markets. LMAX liquidity will help enhance their agency DMA reputation across asset classes.

Scott Johnson, Institutional Relationship Manager at LMAX Exchange, commented: “We are delighted to partner with FP Markets, an established and experienced brokerage, whose skills and capabilities are well known in the Australian market. The partnership will greatly advance the FP Markets FX offering and provide a transparent and fair trading experience for their clients.” The only FX platform listed on FP Markets website is MT4 and MT4 Mobile. We assume the integration has already been completed.

View the full press release here.


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