AP3, Swedish Third National Pension Fund to use SuperDerivatives’ market data

AP3, Third Swedish national Pension Fund, one of five buffer funds within the Swedish national pension system, has selected SuperDerivatives’ award-winning market data DataX for investments analysis and valuation.

AP3 is tasked by the Swedish Parliament with generating maximum possible benefit for the income pension system by managing the fund capital so as to deliver strong investment returns at a low level of risk. AP3 has twin roles in the pension system: serving as a buffer when inflows and outflows cause imbalance in the system, and promoting the overall financial stability of the system. .

SuperDerivatives’ DataX is a service that provides independent market data for cash and derivative products for currencies, equities, interest rates, credit, energy, commodities and all sorts of bonds. It covers all the data requested in the market and prides itself to offer the richest data coverage in the market. DataX is available on a live or historical basis. The live data is available also as a feed via SuperDerivatives real time data feed service DGX Direct.

As part of using DataX, AP3 will also be using DGX, SuperDerivatives’ real time market data, news and analysis terminal. DGX is a web-based platform entirely based on free text with the richest coverage of market data.

Mattias Bylund, Chief Risk Officer at AP3, comments: “As a national pension fund tasked with generating investment returns, accurate market data is vital to making informed trading decisions and precise valuation. SuperDerivatives provides the best guarantee of this, with its history of supplying quality market data for over a decade across a range of financial products and markets.”

Stephen Baker, EMEA Head of Sales and Support at SuperDerivatives, comments: “Accurate market data represents the crux of informed decision-making and boosts profitability in volatile financial markets. DataX will provide AP3 with the toolkit required to mitigate risk and increase returns and enable it to better comply with its mandate of generating the maximum possible benefit for the national pension system through strong returns on investment at a low level of risk.”

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