Amercanex, first of its kind exchange company for emerging cannabis industry – led by global FX sales chief

Steve Janjic, CEO of Amercanex, says his company is the first fully electronic marketplace in which licensed wholesale and retail distributors of cannabis can sell, buy or exchange their inventories on a fully disclosed market.

The core function of the marketplace is to ensure fair and orderly transactions, as well as efficient dissemination of price information for any product bought, sold or exchanged on the electronic cannabis marketplace (ECM), he says.

Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia have either legalized some form of marijuana use or possession, or are in the process of doing so.

“The patchwork nature of marijuana legalization on the local, state and federal levels creates problems for buyers, sellers and users,” says Janjic.

“Amercanex has already created solutions to regulate the buying and selling of marijuana in Colorado, which has major implications for the entire country, from capturing lost tax revenues to influencing voters in states where marijuana use is on or coming to ballots.”

Janjic, the manager of Global e-FX sales and Distribution for the ChapdelaineFX Agency Desk at Tullett Prebon, says Amercanex will ensure a completely neutral, non-manipulated marketplace while strictly adhering to and centralizing regulatory and reporting requirements to local and regional regulatory authorities.

“We understand that in order for this industry to succeed, regulators will need an effective system to monitor and collect revenue from intrastate industry producers and retail outlets,” Janjic says. “We will soon hit the tipping point at which state after state will legalize cannabis like falling dominos. Entrepreneurs like me will be there to pave the way for that transition.”

Mr. Janic states on his LinkedIn profile to operate the exchange based out of Denver, Colorado which could find itself as a leading trading center of the emerging cannabis industry leading into the future. Past experience in the foreign exchange trading industry has seen him in roles as VP Global Head of E-FX Sales at Gain Capital Group, Mananging Director e-FX Sales/Trading at ACM – Advanced Currency Markets and FX Sales covering UHNW at Morgan Stanley.

For interviews with Steve Janjic talking about an electronic Wall Street model commodity exchange for cannabis check below:

About Steve Janjic

Steve Janjic is CEO of Amercanex, founded to provide a transparent, neutral and non-manipulated marketplace for institutional cannabis-industry participants, including growers and retailers. The company, a commodities exchange for the rapidly growing industry, strictly adheres to the centralizing regulatory and reporting requirements to local and regional regulatory authorities. Janjic has also worked in a leadership capacity for one of the world’s largest institutional brokerage firms, where he has established a global sales force focusing on institutional e-commerce and prime brokerage sales/distribution teams.

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Amercanex, first of its kind exchange company for emerging cannabis industry - led by global FX sales chief


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