Alpari UK Administrator KPMG posts FAQs for clients and creditors

In keeping with correct practice with regard to insolvency, Alpari UK’s official administrator KPMG has issued a series of frequently asked questions relating to the special administration which applies to Alpari UK.

The frequently asked questions range from categorization of special administration, to the reasons as to why Alpari UK was faced with insolvency, as well as potential questions which are likely to be posed by retail clients with money invested in a trading account at Alpari UK or one of its subsidiaries.

Additionally, KPMG has considered definitions of client, and what the insolvency means for clients with open positions.

The auditing firm has provided a comprehensive list of responses to what it considers to be frequently asked questions, and in doing so provides creditors and retail clients with full details as to the current position of the company following its entry into administration, and, importantly, what clients can expect with regard to their funds.

For the full set of frequently asked questions and their comprehensive answers from KPMG, click here.

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