Alpari sets volume record in August at $280 billion

The majority of Alpari Group’s trading volumes come from Russia.

So far, August volume metrics reported by both retail forex brokers and institutional forex trading venues seem to be very hit and miss. By that, we mean that some firms are seeing the typical summer-break slowdown in forex trading, while others are (somewhat surprisingly) seeing a continued rise in volumes, in step with what was happening in the first half of the year.

Alpari is definitely in the latter group. For the two summer months, July and August, Alpari Group has reported consecutive records in trading volumes. July came in at $270 billion (of which $153 billion, or 57%, came from Russia and the CIS countries), and now for August Alpari reports $280 billion, although it hasn’t broken out Russia and rest-of-the-world results, as it often does.

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