Alpari Forex Signals Club to go live in November, set to offer new programming language

Alpari Forex Signals Club, a new trading platform on the offering of the leading FX broker, has grabbed the attention of traders since its demo-launch in August this year. The growing interest in the service is due to a great extent to the mastermind behind it: PAMM technology pioneer Dmitry Orlov. Strategy Store, company which he founded, has partnered with Alpari to offer this platform, which will present traders with possibilities combining PAMM, social trading and copying of signals.

The discussions around the new platform have been gaining momentum on Alpari’s forum with the last couple of days witnessing a set of rather interesting announcements, concerning the live launch of the platform and a raft of exciting functionality that it will provide.

Both Dmitry Orlov (also known as Dao) and Daria Timoshchuk, COO at Strategy Store, stated in the forum that the live version of Alpari Forex Signals Club (2.0) will be available in the first half of November 2014.

In addition, it has been confirmed that the new platform will allow signal providers to link their accounts for the Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform with the new investment service: this way, signals from MT4 can be sent to Alpari Forex Signals Club. This will open the new platform to a much wider group of traders.

In a more distant moment in the future, the developers of Alpari Forex Signals Club plan a really innovative addition to the platform: a proprietary programming language, thanks to which investors will be able to develop their own strategies for the platform. Orlov explained that the new language will be different from MQL, but will be effective and very simple.

Amid the advantages of Alpari Forex Signals Club is the combination of trading functionalities it provides, as well as the exclusion of all reckless trading strategies like Martingale. The platform will be accessible to a vast group of retail FX traders, if we consider the minimum deposit necessary to open an account: $100, a pretty affordable sum.

Before the launch of the live version of the platform, traders can opt for the demo version, which is available in Russian and English.

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