Admiral Markets begins publishing execution statistics

Europe based brokerage Admiral Markets just announced that are introducing their new Order execution quality page which will help traders find key information about the benefits of Admiral Markets in terms of execution quality, supported by the statistics on all executed market orders for the previous calendar year.

This is the first time Admiral Markets publish this kind of information, launching a web service that will automatically renew the statistics on a monthly basis.

The data published on this page will help traders get a precise view of the key execution quality figures in Admiral Markets:

  • Average execution time – from 0.06 of a second;
  • Average slippage – from 0.000002 (0.02 FX pips);
  • Average slippage as percent share of a typical spread – from 2%;
  • Percent share of trades with no slippage – up to 62%;
  • Percent share of trades with positive slippage – up to 14%;
  • Percent share of trades with negative slippage – from 27%;
  • Percent share of rejected trades – from 0.0008%.

Traders can find full statistics data on most traded instruments as well as all related descriptions and calculation formulas directly on Order execution quality page.

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