ACYFX is holding a financial trading summit with top Australian universities

ACYFX, an Australian based Forex broker and FX trading education provider is to hold a financial trading summit with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and University of Sydney (USYD). UNSW is known for its commercial and engineering schools which are ranked top in Australia, even in the world. While alumnus from USYD include six Australian Prime Ministers of Australia (including the current Prime Minister Tony Albert), President of the United Nations assembly, President of the World Bank, and Reserve Bank of Australia governor (Glenn Stephens).

The goal of ACYFX cooperating with Australia’s top universities is to popularize the latest financial and economic knowledge, training practical financial skills, and to consolidate the knowledge that is learned in universities. In addition, this event also aims to lift the sometimes difficult veil of finance for all students who participate, so that they will learn the importance of asset management and develop their own way of money management.

“The event which is to be held by ACYFX is meaningful to all current students, as the knowledge we learned in university is usually more theoretical.” said Representative of UNSW student union Mr Ye. “While this event will deepen on what we have learnt and lead us to the practical world of financial markets.”

Winson Cao, the director of ACYFX, added: “This activity is the beginning of ACYFX cooperation with tier one universities around the world. We are focusing developments within the Australian market in 2015, meanwhile we will join up with China’s top universities to hold a series international financial summits later this year, 2015 will be a big year for all of us within ACYFX.”

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