A wind of change for Fair Trading Technology as it goes institutional

Fair Trading Technology yesterday announced that it has integrated its T3 Integration Hub with the institutional FX division of E-Global Trade & Finance Group.

In doing so, Fair Trading Technology has begun to its journey toward recovering from its downturn in fortunes over recent times, which have included the exodus of a series of key executives from the firm, most recently the departure of CEO Tim Haman, plus an attempt to restructure the company, and its associated service provision consultancy have been declared bankrupt just a matter of weeks ago.

In this particular integration, Fair Trading Technology aims to provide the integrated MetaTrader 4 solution to professional traders, which operates via the a-book agency model only.

According to Fair Trading Technology, this institutional installation of FX Integration Hub, the firm’s solution which connects trading platforms, liquidity providers and brokers via a shared wallet environment, represents a milestone for the company insofar as that E-Global’s institutional division provides equal liquidity for all clients via its ECN environment, whereby trading activity can be followed through the full lifecycle of each order including unique information about the execution venue and execution time.

Each trade will be displayed and all trades will be routed for execution in the live market in a matter of milliseconds to the liquidity providers of E-Global, with a further facility for traders to choose from the list of liquidity providers and monitor, customize and improve execution modes according to each trading profile.

Tanner Serifler, CTO of Fair Trading Technology made a commercial statement yesterday on the deal: “The teams behind E-Global and Fair Trading Technology go back a long way and share many of the same values in life and in business.”

“This has been a great opportunity to unite our visions into one unique solution and we are happy for what we have created with E-Global Institutional Division” he concluded.

Serge Streich, Managing Director of E-Global Institutional Division commented that “The teams of IT and industry professionals behind E-Global and Fair Trading Technology went a long way since the inception of Fair Trading Technology, dedicated a lot of efforts and always shared the same vision.”

“We are looking forward to providing this unique solution to a wider audience, providing access to transparent liquidity through MetaTrader 4 in full synchronization with E-Global’s own trading platform” stated Finn Jakobsen, COO of Fair Trading Technology.

Indeed, gaining a foothold in the elevated echelons of institutional and professional trading is no easy task, however with this move, Fair Trading Technology has made its inaugural step in turning its fortunes around.

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