Thomson Reuters launches Accounting CS Payroll Integration with SwipeClock

Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI)

Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI) has announced the integration of Accounting CS Payroll with SwipeClock’s automated, cloud-based time and attendance solutions, providing accounting firms and their clients with the tools and insights they need for complete time and attendance tracking.

Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll, a batch-oriented, fully automated solution, quickly performs much of the calculation of payroll processing for greater accuracy. SwipeClock supports firms’ payroll process with a complete array of punch data automatically delivered for processing. Real-time punch data is collected through a number of different clock options, with support for remote work places, web interfaces and multiple hardware clock types.

The SwipeClock integration with Accounting CS Payroll allows firms to offer a unified solution where employee records and timecard data are shared seamlessly with payroll information, resulting in a smoother and more efficient process for clients,” said Louie Calvin, senior product manager, Accounting & Payroll, with the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting business. “The SwipeClock integration ensures that key employee profile information, pay rates, timecard and associated job cost data flows between systems and is consistent, resulting in streamlined payroll processing and automated paycheck creation.

SwipeClock’s integration with Accounting CS Payroll provides a number of benefits for accounting firms and their clients. It simplifies processing with paperless time data; reduces client labor costs; monitors and ensures compliance with local, state and federal labor laws; helps to eliminate time fraud, with a complete line of hardware clocks enabled with theft prevention technologies; tracks punches, job transfers, meals, breaks, overtime and schedules; provides a self-serve portal for employees; and helps clients gain insight into areas of potential financial savings.

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