Lodestar Ecosystems launches Change Monitor chatbot

Lodestar Ecosystems Limited, a supplier of intelligent chatbot software to the capital markets industry, has just informed the public about the launch of its Change Monitor.

Dr Anthony Edwards, Chief Scientific Officer commented on the news:

Basically, at a high level, the LodeBot (the intelligent chatbot from Lodestar) can now provide change monitors that monitor how key data points around an asset, watchlist or portfolio change over time and send notifications if certain changes are detected. Whether on the desk or on the move, the LodeBot can alert professionals to changes in price, volume, technical signals, sentiment and other data points across the enterprise data ecosystem that fuel price movement.

Ask the LodeBot to let you know which data points are available to which asset, watchlist or portfolio, then tell the LodeBot what you want to know (including the amount of change required to trigger the alert). The LodeBot will then push alerts when material changes occur.

This new feature adds yet another layer of intelligence to the LodeBot, thereby increasing the productivity gains across both the sell side and the buy side.

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