Liquidnet acquires RSRCHXchange marketplace


Liquidnet announced that it has acquired the marketplace and aggregator for institutional research RSRCHXchange. Liquidnet will now be able to deliver relevant insights directly to investment teams through the Liquidnet platform.

The company has acquired OTAS Technologies back in 2017. Since then, it has focused on integrating AI-powered decision support and analytics into its institutional execution technology.

Brian Conroy, President of Liquidnet

Brian Conroy, President of Liquidnet

This acquisition brings the worlds of investment research and alternative data together in a fundamentally new approach to alpha creation. We can now support our Member firms across the entire investment spectrum—from idea to implementation,” said Brian Conroy, President of Liquidnet. “By adding RSRCHXchange to our already extensive network, we are taking another important step in our mission to intelligently connect the world’s investors to the world’s investments and leverage technology to add value to each stage of the investment process.

The investment research process has barely evolved in the past 20 years. RSRCHXchange was created to leverage technology-driven solutions to empower members of an investment team to efficiently access the most relevant research and market insight to help inform their investment decisions,” said Vicky Sanders, Co-Founder of RSRCHXchange. “Tapping Liquidnet’s global resources will help us accelerate innovation, insert this critical insight into the investment process at the earliest stage possible, and seamlessly distribute it through the Liquidnet platform,” added Jeremy Davies, Co-Founder of RSRCHXchange.

Launched in 2015, RSRCHXchange’s research marketplace and distribution network digitizes massive amounts of content and provides a centralized, cloud-based hub that allows providers to deliver research, better monetize the value of their research while buy-side firms can purchase the research they need, and asset managers to efficiently source it.

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