Hyannis Port Research launches Softbot completing MiFID II compliance platform

Hyannis Port Research (HPR), makers of Riskbot, today announced the completion of their MiFID II product portfolio, adding software-based technology.

HPR’s newly launched Softbot™ is a software-based risk management product geared toward buy side firms, quantitative funds and other less latency-sensitive clients requiring MiFID II compliance with enhanced API functionality.

HPR’s flagship platform Riskbot® is a hardware-based sub-microsecond gateway. As the U.S. equities market leader, it serves many of industry’s most elite trading firms and has been adapted for MiFID II and MiFIR.

Anthony Amicangioli

HPR created Softbot™ to address all client types on a single unified platform,” said HPR CEO Anthony Amicangioli. “Clients can now right-size solutions from our suite of market access products designed to meet all of their MiFID regulatory needs.

The HPR product suite addresses MiFID II’s challenging requirements, including:

  • Various pre-trade risk and compliance checks at both the trade- and portfolio- levels
  • Comprehensive implementation of time stamping requirements
  • Burden of proof to demonstrate best execution
  • Resiliency, capacity and ability to ensure orderly trading via high availability
  • Complete support of both pre- and post-trade transaction reporting requirements

HPR has worked tirelessly to understand the many facets of the MiFID II and MiFIR regulations and has demystified the various requirements and captured them within a single world-class solution,” commented HPR’s VP of Risk and Compliance, Brian Germani.

HPR supports critical European markets for the MiFID II rollout including LSE, Turquoise, Xetra, Euronext and BATs Europe.

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