Eze Software expands systematic trading support with Trade Informatics’ START

Eze Software expands systematic trading support with Trade Informatics’ START

Eze Software, a global provider of investment technology, has announced that it has expanded its best execution offering with Trade Informatics’ (TI) Strategic & Tactical Analytic Research & Trading tool (START), a broker neutral automated intelligent trading engine.

Backed by TI’s advanced pre-trade transaction cost analytics, START helps firms align investment and trading strategies and seek out better execution opportunities across brokers’ direct market access routes and dark pools. The engine’s broker-neutral, logic-based trading aims to improve performance, manage costs, and allow control of and transparency into the execution strategy.

Eze Investment Suite OMS/EMS users can choose START from their dashboards as they would an algorithm. START will suggest trading strategies based on TI analytics, which the user can validate. Upon execution, START will control the size, type, price, routing, and timing of every child order sent to broker DMA pipes. Users will maintain complete anonymity of the parent order which is quarantined with the platform and never exposed to the broker. START will provide post-trade analysis across its certified brokers and the venues on which trades are executed.

Eze Software began its partnership with Trade Informatics last year, integrating TI’s advanced post-trade analytics to its Transaction Cost Analysis offerings.

Delivering best execution in today’s environment isn’t just about finding the best price and liquidity for an order; it’s about finding the optimal way to realize your investment strategy,” said Bill Neuman, Senior Managing Director, Product & Engineering. “We look forward to adding TI’s intelligent trading engine to our trade optimization offerings, and look forward to helping clients bolster their best execution arsenal.

Trade Informatics and Eze Software maintain a shared vision: to help clients retain alpha, minimize investment costs, and drive operational efficiency. Now, as we work to integrate START, we’re excited to offer to Eze users expanded opportunities to further automate and optimize their trading,” added Allan Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer of Trade Informatics. “Our partnership complements our individual strengths, and we look forward to working together to develop innovative solutions that deliver unprecedented value to clients.

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