Barracuda FX announces launch of OMS Cloud

Extending the FX OMS service to a wider group of FX banks

Barracuda FX, the specialist provider of FX Order Management technology, today announced the launch of its new product OMS Cloud.

OMS Cloud makes Barracuda’s OMS technology available on the cloud, enabling all sizes of banks to use the market service.

Barracuda developed the new service in response to banks active in the FX market asking for professional OMS tools, but without having the resources or capacity to implement an OMS.

OMS Cloud offers an innovative solution to hundreds of banks which have previously either not supported FX orders, or simply outsourced them via larger banks’ single dealer platforms.

Kieran Fitzpatrick, CEO of Barracuda FX said:

We are delighted to launch our OMS Cloud product, which offers banks active in the FX market a quality, affordable and robust OMS technology solution. As the market leader in FX OMS we are proud to be able to offer solutions for all FX Banks, irrespective of their size or resources.

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