Trading platform ChartIQ enables support for Angular, Angular 2 and React

Data visualization and HTML5 trading platform provider ChartIQ has announced version 3.0 for its Charting Library.

This release features direct support for Angular, Angular 2, and React to developers who want to add advanced charting capabilities to their projects.

Developers can now access native components in their “framework of choice” saving time, effort, and hopefully any potential headaches by offloading the wrapping of the library itself to ChartIQ.

These new components are available through publicly accessible Github repos in the form of “Seed Projects”. Each seed project contains a full charting implementation as well as step-by-step tutorials that demonstrate how to use the charting library with the framework. Developers can jumpstart their own charting projects and builds by cloning and forking the seed projects.

The full ChartIQ API is available to applications running inside of these popular frameworks. The seed projects are implemented idiomatically for each framework while retaining the standard styling and behavior of the core library. ChartIQ is committed to making advanced charting quick and easy to implement for developers across all platforms and is happy to be able to provide these projects to open-sourced via Github.

Access ChartIQ’s GitHub Seed Projects:

To check out the Charting Libary DEMO click here.

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Trading platform ChartIQ enables support for Angular, Angular 2 and React

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