Trading app provider TradeIt connects core products to Interactive Brokers

TradeIt app Interactive Brokers IBKR

Trading app provider TradeIt has announced that it has connected its core products – Portfolio View and Trading Ticket – to Interactive Brokers Group Inc (NASDAQ:IBKR), the largest US-based electronic broker by DARTs.

TradeIt logoOver the past month, TradeIt launched early-access IBKR support on Stockflare and the Trigger Finance app. With the current announcement, TradeIt is extending IBKR connectivity to its entire partner network, so IBKR clients can view their accounts and trade from any of the apps in the TradeIt sphere.

According to Steve Sanders, Executive Vice President of Interactive Brokers:

As one of the leading platforms for active investors, we are constantly upgrading our systems for the future. We’ve heard from our customers that they want to be able to take secure action from the apps they use. Our partnership with TradeIt enables IB to reach our customers wherever they prefer to operate with a high level of sophistication and security.

TradeIt was launched to offer a new way to trade easily, quickly and securely from anywhere using a broker of the trader’s choice. The company was founded in 2014 by Nathan Richardson, former General Manager of Yahoo! Finance, as well as Serge Kreiker and Gaspard de Dreuzy. TradeIt features an order entry ticket that lives on a publisher partners’ products such as Stock Tracker, Scutify and Benzinga, which collect and transmit orders to brokers through a proprietary execution management system.

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Trading app provider TradeIt connects core products to Interactive Brokers

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