Global Securities trading platform receives new features developed by Devexperts

With the emerging new requirements in the investment ecosystems, it is important for brokerages to keep up with the digital age. Software company Devexperts in cooperation with Turkish broker Global Securities has released a number of updates for the BayGlobal trading platform.

Users on BayGlobal can now listen to live broadcasts of Global’s financial analysts. Every episode of Global’s podcasts is recorded and made available for users in audio or video formats on the mobile app or web platform. Among the popular video series are Global Weekly Outlook, Global Companies Outlook, Trading Academy, and platform tutorial. The platform allows users to browse the app and listen to the broadcast simultaneously.

Another significant addition is Model Portfolio tracking. It is a publicly available portfolio of equities selected by Global analysts. The Model Portfolio tracking is offered to traders as an investment idea to replicate a similar portfolio with their account. The replicated Model Portfolio allows users to see their aggregated P&L in real time on the platform. If they do not chose to replicate it, they can continue working with their own portfolio, and compare their performance with Global Analysts’ portfolio in real time.

Global Securities trading platform receives new features developed by Devexperts

Gülşeyma Doğançay, Global Securities CEO, commented:

Gülşeyma Doğançay, Global Securities

Gülşeyma Doğançay
Source: LinkedIn

We are investing in technologies and applications that help users to better track capital markets and provide them with investment suggestions. BayGlobal was designed to serve thousands of people simultaneously on web and mobile (iOS or Android) devices. We believe this NextGen trading platform has raised industry standards. Users can manage their portfolios, track the market using personalized instant notifications, and improve their performance by consuming our podcasts and videos. Thanks to our investments in the platform, the number of users has tripled. And with that, trading volume and subsequent commission income has increased by 6 times.

Oğuzhan Karakoç, CEO of Devexperts Turkey said:

This was a project where we were able to realize the visionary ideas of BayGlobal, and to improve the lives of their traders. Our objective is to offer a best-in-class user experience to Turkish investors by developing applications that are proven with a large number of brokerage and investment companies all over the world.

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