FX broker technology provider Centroid Solutions launches revamped website

centroid solutions website

Centroid Solutions, a financial technology company servicing FX brokers, has announced the launch of its new website at centroidsol.com. The firm’s digital identity has been fully revamped to follow the latest trends and has been created with the user experience firmly in mind.

The new website includes extensive product information to help users understand Centroid Solutions’ complete range of risk-management offerings: including Centroid 24 (C24), C-Simulation, C-Connect (Bridge), and C-Reporting (Business & Regulatory). It also features a section about the company itself, its mission and vision, its current vacancies, and latest news.

As we reported last month, Centroid recently launched a series of MT5 risk management products for brokers.

The website has been built using the latest technology, which allows it to be completely responsive. Furthermore, it has a clean and uncluttered design to optimize the user journey while keeping it simple.

Ziad Aboujeb, Founder of Centroid Solutions, said:

We are excited to launch our new website and strengthen our digital footprint, as it represents the brand-figure we want to promote to our users. We are modern and user-experience driven. Our website will constantly be updated and enhanced, in parallel with our market-growth, to maintain the informative experience we want to achieve.

Centroid Solutions is a technology provider that combines sophisticated risk-management solutions, real-time analytics, business and regulatory reporting solutions, and advanced connectivity, supported by wide-ranging industry knowledge. The firm’s extensive offering empowers FX brokers to achieve a better overall performance. Centroid is part of Dubai based online technologies and trading company 180 Capital.

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