Football INDEX expands sports betting in Sweden and Canada

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Football INDEX, the world’s first football stockmarket which enables ‘football traders’ to buy and sell real money shares in the world’s top professional footballers, has announced its expansion into Sweden and Canada.

Football fans in Sweden and Canada can now capitalise on their football knowledge and build a portfolio by selecting from over 2,000 footballers – including footballers from the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole, Football INDEX

Adam Cole, Founder and CEO of Football INDEX comments,

Football INDEX is rapidly gaining traction in the UK, with over 100,000 football traders from across the UK. We are keen to build on this momentum and evolve into a global brand.

We have selected Sweden and Canada as the first step in our international expansion strategy because both nations have strong sporting heritage and English is widely spoken. This latest development is not only great news for Swedish and Canadian football/trading fans but will also be a significant boost for our UK football traders, as it will add further liquidity and trading activity into our market, resulting in increased  dividends and more potential profit for traders.

Football INDEX is a hybrid between a financial and football product. It occupies a vacant space between sports betting and financial trading, with individual trading portfolios ranging in size from £10 to £100,000.

Football INDEX has developed an innovative platform, powered by Opta, which allows fans to earn dividends on their football portfolio 365 days a year, with multiple profit opportunities. Users – or ‘football traders’ – are typically football fans who find the concept of building a portfolio of footballers more intellectually rewarding than regular betting, or people with a financial background, keen to capitalise on their football knowledge.

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