UK bank Arbuthnot Latham adopts white label technology from smartTrade

smartTrade Technologies today announced that UK private and commercial bank Arbuthnot Latham has adopted its white label technology to enable access and provide distribution of financial products more competitively to its clients.

smartTrade offers end-to-end electronic trading solutions for FX (including Options), Money Markets, Fixed Income and derivatives. smartTrade LiquidityFX includes aggregation of up to 130 liquidity providers, smart order routing, order management, pricing, risk management and distribution.

Arbuthnot Latham was looking for a solution that could be integrated into its existing offering which would be user-friendly and practical for clients whilst meeting the bank’s requirements for functionality and security.


Ashley King, Head of Treasury at Arbuthnot Latham commented:

We were seeking a best-in-class vendor which offered a sophisticated back end and good connectivity with our existing systems, with the aim of enhancing our offering to private clients as well as meeting the more complex needs of our commercial clients. smartTrade understood the client experience we wanted to deliver and was able to meet our customisation requests whilst ensuring that our regulatory and security commitments were fully complied with.

smartTrade’s attention to detail and understanding of our expectations made it the clear front-runner when selecting a vendor whose technology would help us to meet the goals of our digital strategy and to enhance our client journey.

David Vincent, smartTrade’s Chief Executive Officer said:

David Vincent, smartTrade

David Vincent
Source: LinkedIn

Our white label technology was without doubt the best choice for Arbuthnot Latham. Not only does it complement Arbuthnot Latham’s existing offering, but, as part of the selection process we were able to demonstrate how our functionality can help Arbuthnot Latham to attract a wider range of clients and to grow its operation in line with its business strategy. We are delighted that Arbuthnot Latham is the first UK private bank to choose our technology.

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