Trendrating launches 14 new Momentum indexes

Trendrating, a provider of Smart Momentum investment models and technology, announced today the launch of 14 new Momentum indexes across various investment universes.

These indexes employ Trendrating’s proprietary trend capture methodology to deliver superior returns. The calculations for these indexes are being implemented by Solactive AG.

We are excited to announce the launch of this new suite of global indexes that provides additional strong evidence on the enhanced potential in active stock selection that is possible based on Trendrating’s methodology.

Since the launch of Trendrating in 2014, hundreds of asset managers and financial advisor clients have realized outperformance in their investment portfolios through the accuracy in the medium to long-term trend capture delivered by our Trend Capture Model over a global universe of 18,000 securities. Performance dispersion across stocks presents a great opportunity for active managers and our solution is designed to facilitate profiting from this return dispersion.” said Rocco Pellegrinelli, CEO of Trendrating.

The 14 new Trendrating indexes are:

  • Trendrating All Country World
    (RIC – .TRACK / Bloomberg – TRACK Index)
  • Trendrating All Country World PR (RIC – .TRACKP / Bloomberg – TRACKP Index)
  • Trendrating Developed World (RIC – .TRDW / Bloomberg – TRDW Index)
  • Trendrating Developed World PR (RIC – .TRDWP / Bloomberg – TRDWP Index)
  • Trendrating Developed Europe (RIC – .TRDE / Bloomberg – TRDE Index)
  • Trendrating Developed Europe PR (RIC – .TRDEP / Bloomberg – TRDEP Index)
  • Trendrating Developed Asia (RIC – .TRDA / Bloomberg – TRDA Index)
  • Trendrating Developed Asia PR (RIC – .TRDAP / Bloomberg – TRDAP Index)
  • Trendrating Emerging Markets (RIC – .TREM / Bloomberg – TREM Index)
  • Trendrating Emerging Markets PR (RIC – .TREMP / Bloomberg – TREMP Index)
  • Trendrating USA (RIC – .TRUSA / Bloomberg – TRUSA Index)
  • Trendrating USA PR (RIC – .TRUSAP / Bloomberg – TRUSAP Index)
  • Trendrating Eurozone (RIC – .TREU / Bloomberg – TREU Index)
  • Trendrating Eurozone PR (RIC – .TREUP / Bloomberg – TREUP Index)

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