TradingScreen launches simplified workflow system QUO for wealth managers

TradingScreen launches simplified workflow system QUO for wealth managers

TradingScreen Inc. (TS) today announced the release of QUO, a cloud-based platform for managing investments that is being marketed as a ‘software-as-a-service’ SaaS. The new service offers a platform with streamlined and efficient execution across a suite of workflow streams.

The company has significant experience with developing such systems as it currently offers an order and execution management system (OEMS) for all asset classes as its core product. Today’s announcement is aimed at helping investment and wealth managers fulfill their core objective of growing their clients’ funds without having to deal with costly and complex IT solutions.

QUO offers investment firms a reliable option of a light OEMS system that can be deployed easily in order to simplify the process of managing investments from the first day a file is uploaded to when orders are executed.

The new SaaS solution will enable investment managers to shift seamlessly between the strategies used for different trading accounts, allowing them to always have a clearer perspective of each of their portfolios.

QUO allows managers to trade directly within each position without requiring them to log in to different portals while also allowing them to transact directly with the central dealing desk at their broker. This feature enables firm with different trading systems to view all the activity within an asset class on a single screen.

Will Lawton will be heading QUO as a new product division Lawton was a former executive Standard Chartered, HSBC, and RBS. The new division will be headquartered in Singapore where Lawson will be tasked with strengthening and growing TS’s QUO suite of products globally.

Lawton commented:

QUO can simplify a wealth managers’ workflow to create a seamless and more effective trade management and execution of multiple portfolios, so they can focus their efforts on delivering superior returns to investors.

The CEO of TradingScreen, Pierre Schroeder, added:

QUO is a natural extension of the TS strategy. We believe this solution, alongside the industry experience brought by Will Lawton, will help to redefine how wealth managers and investment managers operate.

Just a few days ago, TradingScreen revealed a strategic collaboration with BIDS Trading (BIDS), a U.S Alternative Trading System (ATS) that also powers the European Cboe LIS.

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