Thomson Reuters partners with DealVector to enhance LPC desktop capabilities

Information giant Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI) announced that it has partnered with DealVector to integrate access to certain DealVector identity-protected messaging capabilities with Thomson Reuters Loan Pricing Corporation (LPC) desktop products. The integration will enable LPC clients viewing CLO and loan data to connect to holders of those specific assets.

Thomson Reuters LPC is a premier global provider of information on the syndicated loan and CLO markets. DealVector is the fixed income electronic asset registry which allows market participants to source liquidity, communicate, and exercise governance rights by connecting directly to other market players affiliated with a specific bond, loan, or other financial asset.

In addition to being able to connect on an asset-specific basis to holders in the DealVector Network from LPC’s LoanConnector and LPC Collateral products, LPC clients can receive notifications of outstanding corporate actions and recent pricing activity on loans and bonds through DealVector. DealVector clients will be able to extend their reach with a network of networks effect, as messages posted to bondholders on the DealVector Network will now also have the ability to reach LPC clients. DealVector members will receive access to certain key LPC data fields to facilitate detailed filtering for bonds that come out for bid or offer on DealVector’s BondTalk liquidity platform and may receive news alerts from LPC that could impact their holdings.

Bringing DealVector’s information and connectivity to our LoanConnector and LPC Collateral users is an important step forward to deliver greater transparency and communication to the loan and CLO markets,” said Mike Lavin, Global Head, Capital Markets Insight, Thomson Reuters. “This furthers Thomson Reuters’ commitment to enhance the capabilities we deliver to our clients through partnerships and collaboration.

This partnership and integration with LPC is the first step in our Network of Networks strategy to deliver greater market connectivity, facilitate introductions, and to make data more immediately actionable, and therefore valuable,” added Mike Manning, CEO and Co-Founder of DealVector. “We look forward to working together with Thomson Reuters and their clients to develop additional features.

By providing a platform to communicate with noteholders and other deal parties, DealVector seeks to drive efficiencies in corporate actions, new issuance, surveillance, and governance. DealVector’s ultimate goal is to create a market that is more resilient, transparent, and attractive to a wider range of investors.

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