Pegas with a new volume record on the spot segment in December 2017

PEGAS, the pan-European gas trading platform operated by Powernext, announced that it has achieved its best trading result to date on its spot segments, reaching a new record with 95.7 TWh (previous record: 85.4 in January 2017). The total traded volume amounted to 169.3 TWh in December, an increase of 11% compared to the previous year (December 2016: 152.1 TWh).

Spot Markets

Spot trading volume in December amounted to 95.7 TWh , representing an increase of 27% over the previous year (75.1 TWh). This new record was due to a series of highs in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, the U.K. and Austria. The Dutch market area TTF recorded 28.8 TWh (previous high: 23.3 TWh in October 2017), while the French PEGs traded 15.9 TWh (previous record: 14.9 TWh in November 2017), the Austrian CEGH VTP 7.0 TWh (previous record: 6.6 TWh in June 2017), the Belgian ZTP 4.7 TWh (previous record: 4.3 TWh in June 2017), and, finally, the English NBP with 246 GWh (previous high: 27 GWh in June 2016). The German delivery zones NCG and GASPOOL registered a volume of 34.9 TWh, while trading of quality-specific spot contracts reached 11.0 TWh. The Danish market ETF remained consistent with a volume of 1.8 TWh. The Czech CZ VTP market integrated the PEGAS platform on 8 December and traded 170 GWh up to the end of December.

Geographical spread transactions reached 6.2 TWh, while the German and French locational and hourly products totalled 1.8 TWh. The new CMP (Congestion Management Platform) for France saw a total volume of 226 GWh in December.

Derivatives Markets

In December, PEGAS derivatives reached 73.6 TWh . The TTF futures market finished the month of December with a total of 63.1 TWh, up 8% from last year (December 2016: 58.4). The NCG and GASPOOL delivery areas reached 4.1 TWh. In France, the PEG Nord and TRS market areas achieved 930 GWh. The Italian PSV delivery zone traded 3.5 TWh and the CEGH VTP market area totalled 1.6 TWh, up 40% from the previous year (December 2016: 1.1 TWh). The new CZ VTP hub reached 459 GWh.

Time spread transactions amounted to 2.9 TWh and the volume of geographical spread transactions accounted for 2.1 TWh.

On 8 December, PEGAS Futures markets migrated from Trayport’s Global Vision to the T7 platform. This move will improve the connectivity of financial institutions to PEGAS natural gas markets.

PEGAS is the central gas trading platform of EEX Group operated by Powernext. PEGAS provides its members with access to all products on one single platform and allows them to trade natural gas contracts in the Austrian, Belgian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and UK market areas. The product range of PEGAS covers spot and derivatives contracts for the major European gas hubs as well as trading in location and time spread products. This setup enables market harmonisation and forms the preferred pan-European natural gas market.

PEGAS – Monthly Figures Report for December 2017

Gas Spot MarketMonthly volume
in MWh
Monthly volume – previous year
in MWh
CEGH VTP7,000,8002,631,970
CZ VTP170,256n/a
PEG Nord11,031,3319,712,221
Congestion Management Platform (France)226,000n/a
Locational Products. incl. Hourly Products1,830,2181,841,832
Gas Derivatives MarketMonthly volume
in MWh
Monthly volume – previous year
in MWh
CEGH VTP1,601,6281,146,750
CZ VTP459,321n/a
PEG Nord545,0171,946,600
PSV Physical3,213,570972,940
PSV Financial263,38037,200


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Pegas with a new volume record on the spot segment in December 2017


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