OANDA teams up with AdvantageGo

OANDA teams up with AdvantageGo

OANDA has teamed up with commercial insurance software provider AdvantageGo. The partnership aims to provide real-time foreign exchange rate data through AdvantageGo’s Microservices architecture, helping insurers and reinsurers assess policy risk more accurately and efficiently.

AdvantageGo’s Currency Services will be powered by OANDA’s Exchange Rates API, providing clients with easy access to exchange rates for more than 200 currencies in real time.

The OANDA Exchange Rates API and other similar products are available through OANDA Global Corporation, which was acquired by CVC Capital Partners last year.

OANDA Rates are trusted by the world’s leading audit firms, taxation authorities, and global corporations, but until recently they have been primarily used for financial reconciliation, tax and audit purposes,” commented Mohsin Siddiqui, Managing Director of the Americas at OANDA. He continued, “The AdvantageGo partnership represents OANDA’s first direct platform integration designed to help insurance companies better manage their policy risk.

We’re excited to combine our deep-seated knowledge of the FX industry with AdvantageGo’s proven track record for innovation in the global insurance sector.

Companies that trade internationally are at the mercy of global currency fluctuations. They need access to real-time data that will enable them to make confident, better-informed decisions to mitigate risk,” said Adrian Morgan, Executive Vice President and Head of AdvantageGo at NIIT Technologies. “As a leading provider of cloud-based insurance software dedicated to helping companies mitigate insurance policy risk, we wanted to partner with an organization that truly defines the gold standard in foreign exchange data services. OANDA is a reputable company that is trusted by millions of individuals and leading global brands. As such, they were a natural choice.

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