NEX Regulatory Reporting launches EMIR RTS Rewrite solution

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NEX Regulatory Reporting, a NEX Group (LON:NXG) business which provides regulatory reporting services across global regulatory regimes, announced that it has launched a new solution to support the EMIR Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) Rewrite.

Due to come into effect on 28 October 2017, ESMA’s EMIR RTS Rewrite aims to improve the transparency of the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market and reduce associated risks such as the mandatory clearing of some asset classes and the attribution of collateral against open positions, posted to secure these positions.

NEX Regulatory Reporting has added the EMIR RTS Rewrite solution to its Global Reporting Hub to help clients meet regulatory compliance with the revised regime when it comes into effect in October 2017. An end-to-end solution, clients will connect once to upload their transaction data in multiple formats for data normalisation, enrichment, determination, reconciliation and validation before being delivered to the relevant regulatory end point.

NEX Regulatory Reporting has provided EMIR services to its clients since the initial regime came into effect in August 2012. Of the 15 million transactions that NEX Regulatory Reporting processes per day, 7 million are EMIR transactions. Based on recent ESMA data, this equates to roughly 20% of the average daily volume of all EMIR reportable transactions to ESMA.

Collin Coleman, Head of NEX Regulatory Reporting, said:

The EMIR RTS Rewrite will be implemented by trade repositories on 28 October 2017 but is currently being overlooked by much of the market with organisations focused on their MiFID II obligations. The revised rules from ESMA significantly increase the level and complexity of reporting required by regulators and affect both existing reporting institutions as well as those that haven’t yet had to report under EMIR. With the Rewrite looming, we encourage market participants to ensure they have a solutions provider in place now, to prevent a last minute scramble towards the end of the year.

Clients of NEX Regulatory Reporting benefit from faster on-boarding, specialist consultancy and support, agile technology and global regulatory end point connectivity to help them stay fully compliant with all their EMIR and EMIR RTS Rewrite obligations. NEX Regulatory Reporting has applied to ESMA to become a European-based trade repository and expects approval in 2017.

In addition, clients of NEX Regulatory Reporting will be able to access NEX Infinity, a cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which will provide access to all NEX Optimisation services and those of selected third parties in one place. By utilising this platform, clients will be able to connect once to access a variety of different services which will allow them to further enrich their trade and transaction data.

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