Middle East SWF selects AxiomSL’s platform for shareholding disclosure reporting

AxiomSL, the provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, today announced that a large Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) has recently chosen AxiomSL’s strategic platform for Global Shareholding Disclosure compliance.

Regulators on a global level require market participants to make disclosures when they accumulate a substantial shareholding in an entity, invest in a protected industry, become involved in a takeover bid or engage in short selling.

AxiomSL’s ability to support multi-jurisdictional requirements was the main motive behind the firm’s decision to deploy their Shareholding Disclosures solution. While AxiomSL’s strategic regulatory platform enables firms to build and sustain a robust compliance infrastructure with transparency, the end to end automated process greatly reduces the cost and complexity of Shareholding Disclosure compliance involved in managing disclosure related activities.

AxiomSL’s solution provides the rule sets calculations, templates and reporting functionality needed to remain fully compliant with Shareholding Disclosure requirements and related transparency directives around the globe. The analysis performed by AxiomSL includes calculating a firm’s total shareholdings in individual entities and comparing these amounts with the issued share capital to see whether the firm has accumulated a substantial shareholding and is therefore obliged to report the fact.

Gaurav Chandra, AxiomSL Product Manager commented:

We are delighted to be supporting the funds in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and around the world to meet their Shareholding Disclosure obligations. Market participants must continually monitor changes in their shareholdings whilst already being inundated with ever-increasing regulatory requirements. High complexity of rules alongside different disclosure demands per jurisdiction pose significant challenges to firms to remain compliant. AxiomSL’s multi-jurisdictional reporting capability, end to end automated platform and flexible technology supports firms in addressing these intricate challenges. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with SWFs across the globe to ensure timely and efficient compliance locally and globally.

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