Former NASDAQ Europe Vice Chairman joins ID/KYC ready blockchain Concordium

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Concordium Foundation, the Swiss non-profit behind the Concordium Network blockchain, has just added two new team members:

  • Former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ Europe Hans-Ole Jochumsen to the advisory board, and
  • Cryptographer Ivan Damgård as Cryptography Lead on Concordium’s Core Science Team.

Hans-Ole Jochumsen comes from ten years at NASDAQ, rising to President in 2015 and then Vice Chairman of the European region in 2017. He now serves as chairman of Nordax Bank AB, non-executive director of Nykredit A/S and senior advisor at Alkymi. As nations increasingly regulate blockchain across the globe, Jochumsen’s experience navigating regulatory issues such as taxation, KYC, and transaction provenance will be instrumental as the Concordium Network scales globally.

Professor Ivan Damgård is one of the top cited and published researchers in cryptography, a fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research. Damgård is a co-inventor of the Merkle–Damgård-construction, which is the design principle for cryptographic hash functions that every blockchain in existence relies upon in some form.

The Concordium Network is the world’s first ID/KYC ready blockchain.

We are thrilled to welcome Hans-Ole Jochumsen and Ivan Damgård to the Concordium team,” commented Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of the Concordium Foundation. “Hans-Ole’s massive expertise in dealing with regulatory scrutiny and compliance will be key as nations move to regulate blockchain at an ever-accelerating rate and his deep experience in exchange traded assets that is instrumental for understanding and developing the many opportunities for asset backed tokens on the blockchain”. Ivan’s unparalleled expertise in cryptography makes him ideal to lead our team putting together the cryptographic and mathematic solution at the core of the Concordium Network. Furthermore, Ivan’s clout within the blockchain community and scientific community as one of the true founding fathers of the technology underlying blockchains as we know tehm will help us pull ahead of the pack when it comes to mass adoption of the Concordium Network. With their guidance, Concordium is even more equipped to become the world’s most trusted platform for secure transactions.

I’m proud to be joining the Concordium Foundation as an advisor,” said Hans-Ole Jochumsen. “I believe blockchain technology is the future of business and investing and can drastically reduce costs and bureaucracy for business operations, opening up the field for sleeker, more innovative enterprises. I’m looking forward to guiding Concordium as it scales globally and helping businesses realize its transformative power in daily operations.

Building a global backbone for transaction logging that is fast, secure, robust and scalable requires cutting-edge cryptography delivered by a world-class science team and I am happy to join the Concordium Team that includes some key players in the area” concluded Ivan Damgård.

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