Flow Traders enters FX Market with MarketFactory

Flow Traders, a global technology-enabled liquidity provider specializing in exchange traded products (ETPs), and MarketFactory, a FX technology platform, announced today a partnership that will enable investors to trade FX directly with Flow Traders on FX trading venues across the globe.

Flow Traders has a long history of trading FX as part of its hedging strategies, and identified the opportunity to further expand its role in the FX market.

Given our in-depth knowledge combined with evolving technology, now is the time to open up as a liquidity provider to FX markets,” said Robbert Sijbrandij, Head of FX,

Flow Traders. “In the new regulatory landscape, Flow Traders will continue to contribute to fair and transparent markets. This cooperation will enable counterparties to directly trade FX more effectively and efficiently than ever before, creating a more level playing field for investors.

Flow Traders chose to partner with MarketFactory as they are the top connectivity provider in FX, with access to over 70 FX global trading venues.

We are thrilled to be helping Flow Traders grow and expand into the $5.1 trillion daily foreign exchange market,” said Darren Jer, CEO, MarketFactory. “By managing the software connectivity for Flow Traders, we’re hoping they can focus on the critical risk management, hedging and trading activities.

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